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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 2, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> i'll be better soon. . making news in america this morning -- long term promise. president obama takes action in the wake of the unrest in ferguson. millions of dollars being spent. a new guidance about racial profiling. severe flooding threat in california. the major storm hitting today that's bringing too much water to several places. back home safe. that boy in georgia who spent years away from his mother, with her this morning and speaking out for the first time how he saved himself. and the boss. bruce springsteen, among the substitutes standing in for u2 for a concert last night right in the middle of new york's times square. ♪ though i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪
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well, good morning, i'm reena ninan. >> hello there, i'm t.j. holmes. one week after the grand jury decision in ferguson, a day of action around the country. >> president obama was among the busiest, announcing programs to bring justice to all. and this time, he said there's a difference. >> and susan saulny is with us. >> reporter: the continued unrest in ferguson and beyond has sparked new federal action, all aimed at calming things down. president obama is taking steps to address what he calls the simmering distrust between police and communities of colors on display after a grand jury decided last week not to indict the white officer who killed unarmed teenager michael brown. >> any part of the american family does not feel like it is
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being treated fairly, that's a problem for all of us. >> reporter: the president unveiled a $263 million spending package to boost law enforcement training and police department reform. this includes $75 million to pay for 50,000 small cameras that police can wear on their lapels. meanwhile, attorney general eric holder plans to unveil new justice department guidance aimed at ending racial profiling. he spoke at a church in atlanta, but not without being interrupted. >> what we saw there was a genuine expression of concern and involvement. >> reporter: mostly peaceful protests continued around the country in new york city, washington, d.c., wichita, kansas, and cambridge, massachusetts. and the coach of the st. louis rams defended his players who took to the football field with their hands raised.
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the players won't be disciplined by the club or the nfl. president obama has promised to follow through on all of this to use his last two years in office to, quote, make things better. t.j., reena. >> thank you, as always. a student has been arrested after a frightening situation at a utah high school. police in plain city said a student brought a loaded handgun to school with the intention of shooting a particular person and then opening fire on the school. another student saw the weapon and alerted the school resource officer. officers searched each classroom. >> i saw a s.w.a.t. team outside, the school surrounded. >> it was very scary for quite a while until we found out for sure what was going on. >> there had been some type of relationship with this other student. and for whatever reason he decided to come and to target that specific person. >> social media was flooded with messages of grateful students and parents for the person who
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spotted the gun and alerted authorities. turn you to west virginia where a romantic relationship was likely behind the shooting deaths of five people. >> they say jody lee hunt killed five people, including a former girlfriend before turning the gun on himself. here's david kerley. >> reporter: police found 39-year-old jody lee hunt, suspected of killing four people, all he knew in west virginia. he had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, suspected of leaving behind three grisly crime scenes in and around morgin'town. >> they were not random acts of violence. he knew the victims. >> reporter: a tow truck business, a man dead there, and another man outside of town, and to the east, a man and woman shot. schools on lockdown as police searched for the pickup truck.
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>> we have key pieces of evidence that point towards him as being the suspect. including even social media traffic as well. >> reporter: police are looking into the possibility that a romantic relationship and the breakdown of that relationship may hacontributed to these dead shootings. new clues in the case of a philadelphia area student who vanished last week. they got a ping from his cell phone near a pharmacy an hour after he left a bar. he has not turned up on surveillance video. they posted his picture and information about a $25,000 reward on billboards around the city. cakosta karageorge's brain will be looked at for signs of injury. he texted his mother that he was confused because of concussions. preliminary results and an
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autopsy confirm he died of a gunshot wound, but hasn't been definitively ruled a suicide. adrian peterson will appeal his suspension today. he was sidelined until april after being charged with a felony for using a switch to discipline his son. it was plea bargained down last month. this is after ray rice was reinstated. and disturbing new details on prescription painkillers, drug overdoses tripled between 1999 and 2012. in just that last year of the study, there were 16,000 deaths during that same period. heroin deaths also tripled, while drug overdose deaths overall doubled. the republican aid who criticized president obama's daughters has been fired.
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she said that they lacked class and slammed the way they dressed at the turkey pardoning ceremony. they deleted the post and apologized. but that wasn't enough, the backlash from her party was too much and she has now resigned. parts of southern california, potentially devastating floods and mudslides. >> that's right. watches and warnings up and around the los angeles area. residents in the city of glendora are stacking 12,000 bags to prevent flooding. >> and tracking the storm and another one in the east, meteorologist jim dickey. >> good morning. heavy rain ahead for california where we desperately need it. it's brought on by an area of low pressure, that counter clock wise swirl, marking that, dragging in the moisture. and it will be heavy in southern
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california where it's most needed. 1 to 4 inch amounts. common throughout the day. too much of a good thing, leading to mudslides, flash flooding. and the roadways, increased heavy traffic. on to the northeast, a different story. much colder across the region here. and a system slides in, bringing a mix of ice and snow up into new england. reena and t.j., back to you. >> thank you so much. coming up, long awaited testimony today, how they will hear from the late steve jobs. and big trouble for the company behind the recall of millions of child safety seats. did it do enough fast enough to limit the damage. and hearing from the teen who spent years in captivity. held my his own father.
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well, dprgraco in the regulatory cross hairs. seeing whether they dragged their heels in recalling car seats. they recalled 6 million this year, because the buckles could get stuck in an emergency. there are no reports, however, of any deaths or injuries. and another major recall, the number of people killed as a result of the faulty gm ignition switches is growing. at least 36 people have died and 44 seriously injured in crashes. gm has recalled more than 2.5 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches. federal investigators are
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saying that a lithium ion battery issue was the problem last year. the debris in the battery was undetected, and design flaws allowing short circuits to go on fire. the fire on boston logan airport grounded the entire fleet of 787s for three months. stocks slid on wall street. apple lost close to $4 a share. that's more than 3%. put it this way, apple's market cap loss, more than $22.5 billion yesterday. before you get your ipads in a bunch, still the company is up almost 44% this year. well, big honor for the most famous reindeer of all just in time for christmas. >> we're talking about who else, but rudolph. the postal service has a rudolph the red-nosed reindeer stamp. it's in rudolph, ohio, and 87,000 pieces of mail travel
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through the post office there to get a special postmark. and when we come back, the suspect on a run and on a roll. how this ends. and the secretive leader of north korea making a new demand this morning in the name of patriotism. details on that. stay with us. i was active. i kept on top of things. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor and i agreed, moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. she also prescribed lyrica. for some patients, lyrica significantly relieves fibromyalgia pain and improves physical function. with less pain, i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common
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you are looking at dramatic police chase in southern california. suspected car thief crashing the car he was driving, jumping out, sprinting across three lanes of traffic and jumping on to a skateboard. yep. an eagle-eyed driver in the red pickup truck tried to cut him off as officers closed in. they cornered him. police took the man into custody. >> the skateboard. you got to give him credit, right? morning road conditions, snow and ice, slippery conditions in the northeast.
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wet roads farther south. mountain snow will make roads treacherous in the northern rockies and sierra informed. a nevada. and flooding in california. and delays possible in new york city, washington, d.c., philadelphia, boston, los angeles and san francisco. the boy found hidden behind a wall in his father's georgia home is great. >> this is gregory jean jr. he had gone for a visit at his dad's four years ago and never allowed to return back home. he was a slave, and found a phone in the house and figured out how to contact his mom. >> i downloaded an app, called magic jack, and i called my mom. i was nervous. i was ready to go home. >> gregory also said he was beaten by his stepmother and thrown down the stairs. his dad and step mom are facing child cruelty and false
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imprisonment charges. a drunk driver caught on home security camera near tampa. that car, see that? goes airborne before slamming into a pickup truck, slicing it in half, just about. badly damaging another car. the people who own the home in tampa heard a loud boom. they had no idea what happened until they took a look at the surveillance video. drivers impaired by marijuana are the focus of new crackdown efforts in washington states and colorado. pot is now legal. researchers are working to develop a breath test for pot, similar to alcohol. right now police are relying on time consuming blood tests. they are hoping to use technology from airport security to test for pot. a new command from kim jong-un of north korea ordered the country's senior officials not to smoke foreign cigarettes. it's a matter of patriotism.
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he says that he is a smoker and they are good enough. and the late, legendary apple co-founder will be on the stand. the anti-trust suit involves the apple ipod music players. he gave a deposition before his death three years ago. hundreds of his e-mails will be introduced as evidence. and fallout in the bill cosby sex abuse scandal. he's resigned as trustee of temple in philadelphia. the board chairman says he did not want to be a distraction. more than a dozen women have accused him of drugging and sexually abusing them dating back to the 1960s. cosby denies the allegations. and jameis winston appears today at a long-delayed school conduct hearing. he faces up to four violations of florida state student conduct
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related to the sexual assault of a female student last september. they chose not to go after him in the case citing a lack of evidence. the fantasy football playoffs are among us. are you into fantasy football? >> i know what it is. >> good luck to you and everybody else. >> for the monday night action, here's the guys at espn. this is the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. do that monday night football thing. [ sings ] >> i get all giddy. jets and dolphins, outside new york city. geno smith, handing off to sallas. first career touchdown. 49 carries for 277 yards. they had a 7-0 lead. fourth quarter, up 13-6, dolphins, a second and goal. lamar miller gets in for the touchdown to tie it at 13. dolphins added a field goal.
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jets wanted to look at geno smith to see if he was the quarterback of the future. 13 throws, that one for an interception. dolphins, 7-5, one of six teams at 7-5. the 76ers were unable to beat the spurs despite tim duncan, tony parker and david robinson all not playing for the spurs. marco went yard there. dunk brother. and right there. the spurs are up many. got close, but not close enough. leonard, had a double-double. the sixers are 0-17. play minnesota next on wednesday. >> the dolphins, one of 6-7-5 teams in the afc, currently holding the six spot. >> info. up next in the pulse, topnotch substitutes take the stage at the cross roads of the world. and a crowning achievement
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time for us to check "the pulse." beginning with a surprise concert in times square on a world aids day. it was u2 minus one, as they call themselves, the lead singer, bono, is sidelined after the bicycle accident. >> cold play's chris martin wore a t-shirt, substitute. and the boss himself, bruce springsteen. ♪ but i still haven't found what i'm looking for ♪ and that wasn't all, cary
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underwood and kanye west performed. >> the sponsor, bank of america, donated $3 million to fight aids. there was black friday, small business saturday and cyber monday. >> that's all. >> no. >> today, we donate our time and money. malala yousafzai and yo yo ma joining the effort. they have a page on facebook. and the winner of gq magazine's pop star of the year award goes to weird al yankovic. >> who else would it be, right? >> looking stun any nothing but gold spray paint and a leotard. >> and he has catchy songs. this is "tacky," based on
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 4:28. thanks for joining us. it is december 2nd. i will assume we had a wet commute coming in this morning, right? >> very wet. >> there is more to come out there. probably not going to stop raining for the next 36 hours. moderate-to-heavy rain in the north bay. the wind has not kicked in. we have the possibility of thunderstorms. you can see the heavy rain in the east but not so much if the south bay the a lot more is to come and totals and how long this will last is ahead. >> so many puddles on the roads. >> we need the rain. we have to be careful where we are driving. san jose shows further to the
4:29 am
south that is where we have flooding in the roadway and that is the problem for the commute as we look at the macarthur maze with the drive looking slow as the tail lights push to 580. so for we have had a few accidents on the roads and they have cleared. be careful and watch out for hydroplaning. >> good advise. good to have you back. >> we talking about the storm. it has araved. the first part of a multiday series of showers and rain bringing a lot of wet weather to the region. it will be dangerous driving although it is were needed. this is lombard street the windshield winds are busy. drivers had to contend with slick roads and they will be slick the entire morning commute as you get your kids to school. >> i the north bay business owners in mill valley are stocking up on sandbags especially along miller avenue which has seen flooding in the past. >> knick is in the north bay
4:30 am
with more. >> this is what we want to show you, why we continue to do this story not to hype it, when we speak to people would live here, this keeps them concerned: the water will pool and because it pools in areas like this, it often creeps up to the door. as the water is higher and higher, businesses will find they need sandbags for protection. that is why the city made sandbags available. you can see what i am talking about. this is popular all the way through here on miller avenue and downtown mill valley. the sandbags are helping to keep shop coopers dry and the water outside if the water rises. we will know that popular places like the 2 a.m. club have seen problems look enthis before. we watch it. they watch it. as we continue to follow the amount of rain we recognize we need t


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